Friday, June 1, 2012

Travelling with kids

"Why take your kids?  They'll never remember the trip..."  I have heard this countless times over the years from customers and acquaintances.  

I will remember - that is my answer.  

So far I have 6 1/2 years of memories of traveling with Oliver that I wouldn't trade for any uninterrupted "adults only" vacation I know of.  And he gets to look back over photos like this and really believe he remembers it all too. 

Getting a lesson in axe grinding at the depot in central Anatolia where I buy old Mediterranean pots. 

Waiting for the taxi in Valencia, Spain. 

Our friend Elizabeth's fabulous apartment - we will be getting these light fixtures on the next trip to India this July. 

Elizabeth's glorious turquoise pottery collection.  How it pops in that charcoal colored room -- ooo!

Ollie and Lale at one of my textile dealer's in Istanbul. 

He looks so grown up sometimes -- Istanbul.

Enjoying some ice cream bribery while shopping at the fabulous Tulu in Sultanahmet. 

Sick of shopping for textiles, Ol stands in front of a giant split tulu (shaggy woolen rug) that looks like giant's pants from the 1970's.  He didn't think my little joke about the pants was funny AT ALL -- can you tell?

Visiting the evil eye shop -- we got to load up on the talismans by the bag-full. 

Happy our last day in Istanbul - with his new tiny chess set -- I love this boy. 

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