Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Turkey Trip 2012 -- the things post.

Some of my favorite things we found in Turkey this trip... 

 A fine pile of treasures that will come by container in about two months -- pots, old bread boards, dough bowls and old rusty iron...
 New Suzani pillows done on vintage silk - we have 18 of these in stock -- gorgeous!
 Unusual old iron window grates with moons...  might have to have one of these for myself!
 Clay chimneys - doesn't he look like a very alert owl?
Measuring vintage kilims to cut into pillows -- hundreds will be on the container!
 Dagar- or open mouth - pots from Konya - make great planters.
Potential fencing for my own house -- each panel would be separated by a stucco post -- for the front at 7th Street...

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