Friday, February 10, 2012

So many new arrivals - India, Indonesia, a full store

We've gotten so much at the store recently I haven't had time to send my new container emails, update our Facebook page, or even think at all about telling our little world about what all we've received.  I just today got a chance to walk around and take some pictures finally of what has come in.  Looking through the pics and sorting them here has helped me know what to mention in the mailer and post online - and it's a nice reminder that it is a cool place.  Sometimes it is hard to remember in the day in - day out...
 Vintage Mirror cloth pillows with fine embroidery
 Moroccan tile table with Indonesian deer, Sumatran wedding boxes, and one of Gennine's bird prints
 Old corbel on stand, Turkish pot, Moroccan zellij table
 Old teak bench, great woven throw from India, Lombok basket vase
 Timor style horse and rider, Sumatran wedding boxes
 Indonesian bird
 Carved capital, corbel in background, wooden yogurt pots - India, river stone vessels - Indonesia
 XLg Lombok baskets - great Peruvian chair
 Beaded Sumatran wedding boxes

Borders, plantings and succulents oh my

It is nearly planting season here in the Phoenix area - and I can't wait.  Literally - I can't - we are plating some non-native privet this weekend.  We still need to hold off on delicate frost sensitive things like bouganvillia and succulents -- but I am dreaming...  Soon we will be able to get cracking in the backyard which was recently scraped clean of old rangy Bermuda grass.  While the funds for the flagstone patio are not yet with us - we can certainly start getting some things in the ground and watch them grow.
In this month's House Beautiful there are some gorgeous pictures of garden rooms done by landscape designers at their own homes.  These pictures from Elysian Landscapes's website show gorgeous use of green on green - big architectural agaves mixed with soft grasses and the blues of trailing sedum forming blankets beneath burgundy spears of leaves.