Monday, June 18, 2012

Outdoor fireplaces

Phoenix, this time of year, is all about pool time - we have been able to enjoy the water even with the twins this year since our new pool has one of those shelfy-things -- (Baja shelves I believe they are called?)  We splash around out there and cool off -- it's fabulous -- except for the fact that the back of the house is a wasteland.  We spent the last year pulling out the endless stretches of deal oleanders and replacing them with stuccoed walls.  Thankfully we now have lovely walls the same rusty orange as the house encircling the pool part of the yard - but there is literally nothing else.  Gravel and blank walls are all we are looking at out there as we swim and lounge.  (Well, not much lounging happens in our three kid reality - but you get the idea...)
I have been tinkering with the idea of building an outdoor fireplace as a focal point.  I also want to put up a large shade arbor -- but it needs something more - thus the fireplace idea.

Here are a few that speak to me...

 This peaked opening fireplace combined with arbor is lovely.
 This is from Maine Design in House Beautiful recently.  They have mirrors flanking the stone fireplace - a fun trick with reflected light to make things look more expansive.
 This has made the rounds on Pinterest a lot - Sandy Kopeke -- those succulents cascading over the wall are so luscious -- and banquette seating might work in our space as well. 

 Quatrefoil fountain is pretty fab too -- peaky fireplace is perhaps a bit theme-y?

Kind of monolithic - but I like the raised firebox and mantle idea.  

 This was in House Beautiful a while back - Dana Lyon - an old customer of ours with exquisite taste -- I love the soaring chimney and the arched firebox -- and the lanterns are from Tierra Del Lagarto.
 This angled fireplace could work outside if we placed it by the existing garbage area -- someday outdoor shower! 
This is Rachel Horn Interiors - kind of huge but a nice courtyard.

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