Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outdoor staircase

There is an outdoor stair that leads to a balcony outside the kids' living room. We have to replace the wood pretty much as soon as we move in as it is severely water damaged. Doug wants to put down Saltillo - which is nice and affordable but I dream of doing some interesting risers. It is a classic Spanish application and certainly goes with the house. Since we most likely can't get this together in time - money wise etc. - perhaps some kind of stencil could be used... The gray staircase is a stencil as is the (a bit too) glossy patio in the last pic.
I'm not sure - the real tile is so much more true to the spirit of the house...
But there is a back staircase inside the house! Perhaps a subtle stencil on those! I will post a photo once we are in the house...

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