Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a challenge. I have never had one and I didn't realize they are so tricky. The new house kitchen is the first image - the real estate image from the online listing. The owners spent a ton of money in there and the cabinets really are lovely - and I like the simplicity of them - some new, less modern door pulls will make them just fine forever. The counter tops on the other hand... I am sure the granite was a fortune - and some people (don't let any husbands read this!) would cringe at this - but I will eventually have to replace them. Imagine soapstone - a nice dark color - thick and solid. The backsplash will be an easy way to liven it up - I will post on the separately.
If I get my druthers someday the island will be reshaped - more of a rectangle. The cooktop is back there - so it will have to stay and can't all be open like these ideas - but there must be some hybrid we can achieve. It is hard to even find pictures of what I truly like - it's going to be hard to figure - which is good since it sure isn't going to happen any time soon!
I love open shelving but I think I will save that for the little house in Coronado - the dark countertops are lovely with all that white. Perhaps it would be too dark with the caramel colored wood in the new house? I like the industrial style stools in the next two images - but I think they will work best in the "art room" I am going to make upstairs. The tile backsplash in the fourth photo is the style I like for the outdoor balcony floor! The last image is my favorite - so gorgeous. It reminds me of the farm table we had as out checkout counter at the Acoma store - I always wanted that piece. I think Billi Springer bought it - at least it went to someone with good taste.

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  1. Meg: you need to find yourself a table like the one Billi Springer bought: it would soooo look awesome in your kitchen! They have one like that in a little antique shop right around the corner and everytime I walk by I can't help but think about you and your wonderful taste.