Monday, March 14, 2011

The actual staircase is the first image, of course. (I cannot wait to walk in and have that little curly iron table base gone!) I think the Moroccan lantern in the previous post will really give this area some drama.
I am starting to like the idea of a painted white stair riser and a darkened wood tread.
The Elle Decor image is a stunner. Martyn Lawrence-Bullard is pretty incredible at the eclectic, subtle ethnic thing. And the iron work in the next image, wow. That style of chandelier is just incredible. We have a candle only - non-electrified tiny version of that at the store - might be good on the semi covered patio I have planned for across the pool!
And the little niche under the stair in the last image is just too cute. I love the iron work here too - like all of our Indian jali.

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