Thursday, June 6, 2013


You might have noticed over the years that I put up posts when traveling, or when some fabulous new thing is done at our house - but not so much the rest of the year.  Well, the honest truth is that running a store day in and day out is just not the most scintillating blog fodder.  There are days that just seem to repeat themselves - and while we get some fun things in and there are some fabulous customers to help - it can sometimes go by in a blur. 
Recently, however, I've had some fun projects to work on with new people - and I thought I'd share a bit about this more interesting side of things.
For an artist in Prescott we are bringing a bit of India into a new home - he is building from the ground up and wants to incorporate architectural elements from his favorite country.  After spending college years studying miniature painting techniques in Rajasthan, this client is passionate about Indian design.  We are happily helping him find columns and old arches to build into his new living spaces.

  These columns are from south India and will be used to help delineate an open plan great room.

We are looking for a triple archway like the one above - but with carving on both sides to build into a covered patio.  

These doors will be used for a linen cupboard at the end of a hall. 

Coming soon I will post about a very exciting project we are doing with a client (and great friend!) in central Phoenix.  She is incorporating a triple arch like above into her bar area, zellij tile from Casablanca into a star shaped fountain inside her formal living room, and incredible custom  painted ceilings we had made in Marrakech in various places.  Additionally we have dozens of Moroccan and Turkish lanterns coming that will be used in the most extraordinary ways -- can't wait to see them installed in a few months!  

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  1. Oh my God! Those doors for the linen cupboard are absolutely gorgeous! It got me thinking that if THOSE doors go for the meh linen cupboard, can you imagine the REST OF THE HOUSE??!! O_O