Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Morocco arrival

Our Morocco container finally arrived at Tierra - and I couldn't be happier!  Since we were in Marrakech in January I have been holding my breath, hoping that the shipment would get here safely.  It was so late arriving I was starting to just pray that it would get here at all!  But as the container was being unloaded and I sliced open each cardboard package my heart thrilled at each intact hand-painted vase, each delicate, un-crushed brass pendant, each colorful, un-smashed moucharabi daybed. 
It is all so gorgeous in the store!  We had a party on the 14th to celebrate.  Even in the heat of summer we had a wonderful turnout and we drank to the wonder of Morocco.
Pierced silver pendant inside an Indonesian teak daybed with Gujarati pillow and Indian saris draped overhead.
A trio of iron lanterns illuminated.
 Hand-painted star tables on zellij tile table tops with glass lanterns.
Indian daybed with ikat pillows, draped with a suzani - a sari from Jaipur overhead and a Moroccan iron screen behind.
Colorful pottery from Fez.  Herringbone zellij tile table top and Moroccan lanterns.

Zellij top on on modern base - glass lantern on top. 

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