Thursday, June 27, 2013

Indian textiles in the store

We finally received our textiles from our last India trip.  There are piles of Gujarati pillows, stacks of Kantha blankets, saris strung up here and there, print block blue and whites, technicolor mirror cloth - so many textures and saturations - I love it all....

A few of the finely embroidered Kutch pillows we had made, as well as a shisha work Toran, a spangly Moroccan Handira (wedding bed cover) and a Portugese style four poster bed.

 Crisp blue and white adds some calm to the hot and spicy mix.

Cowrie shell tassels in a Moroccan plate.
 Baskets full of Kantha blankets.

A silk sari draped with a Turkoman suzani.
 A bright pile of printed pattern bedcovers.
 Yes, we get a little silly sometimes - we bought about a dozen animals covered in vintage textiles!
A stack of patchwork mirror cloth throws.

I love India!

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