Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back to Marrakech

 Oh Morocco - How I missed you.  It's been 8 years since my last trip through your labyrinth, treasure filled, donkey-cart/motorbike strewn, dusty, caravanserai lanes.  A walled city built simply for the joy of trade - splitting the distance between sea and sand - nearly a thousand years ago...  it still makes my heart beat faster.  There wasn't a moment in the eight days we were there that weren't spent shopping, talking about shopping, or drinking to recover from shopping.  But we filled a container with untold splendors and had a hell of a time doing it...  

 Some things we couldn't exactly bring back...

 But others we certainly could!  Lanterns, trays, pots, moucharabi, handiras, SO much -- can't wait til it arrives!!

 The lantern above is seriously calling my name...  you may see it in a post here in my house in a few months!
 A stack of vintage wedding boxes
Amazing large brass lantern -- we will have a pair of these lovlies 
Gorgeous old doors snapped up by our very dear friends visiting Marrakech with us for the first time - cannot wait to see their new house decorated with all the goodies we found together

 Me, Linda and our lovely and wonderful friend Ale in Cafe des Epices with the spice market out the window

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