Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It is lovely to see the yard coming into itself this spring. The babies are really enjoying being outside in the park-like front yard. I need to get some photos of the trees all leafed out but I am always sequestered in the patch of grass that we have semi-fenced in the very front. The tiny slide and old brownie trays filled with water have been our daily entertainment. Roses are such an unexpected bonus - they were never in flower all the months we looked at the house prior to buying. They embody this neighborhood to me - every time I see the big. pink showy blooms I just smile. There are also four giant red bushes on the other side of the guest house - but these pink ones are right by the front entry - the personal, house roses to me!

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  1. Dude: hang a bunch of those roses upside down so they'll dry while still open and that way you can keep the house's first bloom forever with you. I still have the roses Andoni sent me when we got engaged. Corny, I know. Deal with it.