Monday, April 15, 2013

India 2

There are endless treasures in Rajasthan -- we bought beds and benches, buffets and birds, bajots* and brackets...  Containers full of fabulousness soon to be heading the AZ way.  Our last day in Jodhpur we even got out into the daily markets piled high with vibrant veggies - the lush garden colors competing only with the bright kaleidoscope of saris on the shoppers.  We hiked up to the fort overlooking the blue city below and had a moment to ponder the ancient history of this city we've grown to love over the years.  It's been 16 years now that we've been coming here - crazy.     

*tea tables in Hindi
Diving in
 A cute cart - what a darling coffee table this would make outside

 A collection of old stone ventilators on iron stands

 We bought this antique cabinet by the light of two cellphones when the power went out in one warehouse -- honestly I can see it in the photo so much better than in person!  Classic India moment.  

 Old brackets - these once radiated off of huge columns 8 at at time.  This vendor had a great collection - we bought all 60 he had. 
 Dramatic new carved bed out of old wood - we have one in this creamy finish and one in "medium antique finishing, madam" as they say in Jodhpur -- it means a dark mahogany basically.

 Linda in a metal warehouse

 Spooky old carousel weathering away

 A view of the fort and Jodhpur below

Bitty brass eles rolling along

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